For uninterrupted panoramic landscapes

Cleverly combining unparalleled panoramic views with high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation, and a wide range of configurations, Infinium will satisfy any architectural requirements. ​

AluK Infinium brings together indoor and outdoor living spaces in exquisite harmony. Free-flowing spaces are created thanks to stunningly slim sightlines that bathe every surface with natural lights. Uninterrupted panoramic landscapes provide complete escapism, without need of escape. While seamlessly integrated floor-to-ceiling glazing reflects the clarity of thought behind every inspired design decision.

Fully concealed aluminium outer frame and sash. Flush thresholds. Elegantly simple operation. AluK Infinium’s considered design impresses from every angle. However, its most remarkable design feature barely catches the eye. The impossibly thin 21mm sightlines create the illusion of large endless spaces. The effect is charming, yet practical. Minimalist, yet undeniably magical.

Great architecture isn’t simply built on aesthetic appeal. It’s judged equally on the way it makes you feel. The way it protects, calms and reacts to your mood. AluK Infinium was designed with comfort firmly in mind. For example, double thermal breaks improve insulation and bring added warmth into the home. While also keeping unwanted noises out.


Design features:

  • Inline sliding door
  • Fully concealed outer-frame
  • 21 mm central interlock
  • One or more opening panels with large width and height dimensions
  • Holds up to 400 kg panel weight


  • Available in double or triple track
  • Glazing options of 38 mm – 52 mm
  • Floating 90° corner post option for larger opening space
  • Single or dual colour options
  • Available in a range of configurations


Attention to detail. It’s so often what separates good from great. It’s why bespoke aluminium rollers have been designed to ensure the heaviest Infinium door requires only the lightest touch to open.

For added ease, and further distinction, an automated motorised system is available. Handles are cleverly concealed, yet always near at hand. And while the outside world is welcomed into the home, uninvited guests are kept safely locked out.

Infinium has also outstanding performances, including in terms of thermal insulation exceeding the modern building regulations for energy efficiency.

In addition, ​Infinium meets the most stringent architectural requirements and allows for some impressive panel sizes:

  • Maximum Sash Height: 3500mm
  • Maximum Sash Width: 3000mm
  • Maximum Panel Weight: 400Kgs
  • Glazing: 38mm - 52mm


Technische data
U-waarde 1.3 W/m²K
Luchtdichtheid Class 4 (600 Pa)
Waterdichtheid Class 8A (450 Pa)
Windbelasting Class C3 (1200 Pa, up to 160 km/h)

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