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Improve security & sustainability of your home with aluminium

When deciding about windows for your homes, it is important to consider the security & sustainability, as well as the potential limitations.
In this article we take a look at what to consider when you choose for windows, and doors and how aluminium overcomes all the challenges to become the best suited material for windows and doors. Security and sustainability of aluminium windows and doors.

Aluminium is a material that is used to construct the most highly secure products for residential as well as commercial use.

Because who doesn’t want a safe and secure property, right?

Here’s what makes aluminium the best material to create products with unmatched security.

Aluminium is the best choice when it comes to being light but strong. This implies that a smaller amount of aluminium can be expected to withstand more glazing in contrast with other materials available. With aluminium, you can easily keep up with contemporary designs with lighter frames and greater surface area.

The incredible high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium is what makes it possible to design dynamic structures with exceptional strength. It allows architects to satisfy their static requirements, using a light-weight load bearing structure - therefore minimizing the cost of foundations.

Due to the metal’s inherent strength, an aluminium window or an aluminium curtain wall frame can be very slender - maximizing the vision area and illuminating the levels of your space. Being very light, it is cheaper and easier to transport along with being more convenient to handle on site - this plays an important role in reducing the risk of on-site work-related injuries.

Aluminium is absolutely fire resistant. According to international standards, aluminium is recognised as a non-combustible material. Many studies have shown that aluminium does not pose any dangers in buildings.

In fact, if used along with suitable insulating materials, it is ideal for constructing fire resistant products. It possesses an extremely low heat absorbent property, making it highly fire resistant.

Aluminium alloys melt at a temperature of about 650°C - that too without releasing any harmful gases. Aluminium can be easily insulated. Because of the thermal break provided by using low conductivity material, aluminium is able to fully satisfy the most restrictive thermal transmission limits, making aluminium suitable for passive homes as well.

Be it appealing aesthetics, high strength, multi-functionality, unmatched security or sustainability - aluminium enables us to innovate and to adapt itself to varying engineering styles. And not just that, it also fits well in today's scenario of a growing need of environment friendly constructions along with providing desired performance for a modern ambience such as sound insulation and greater thermal performance to keep the comfort level inside the building. Do we need to say more?

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Why aluminium for windows and doors?

Aluminium is regarded as one of the best materials when it comes to durability, aesthetics and security of windows and doors. Aluminium is also strong and lightweight which gives it a distinct advantage for large expanses of glass to bring the outside in. Let's look at the importance of choosing aluminium as a material for your windows and doors.

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