Openable Windows and Doors – Non-Insulated

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High-Performance systems from Hemera Collection of Non-Insulated Openable Windows and Doors

Stylish and modern 

Our Hemera non-insulated high-performance aluminium windows are an affordable and practical way to update your home. Because they measure 45mm from front to back, they let you replace outdated wooden or old PVC-U windows with a more modern and stylish alternative which fits those spaces perfectly. 

Protection from the elements 

The Hemera non-insulated windows keep out noise, dust and the very worst tropical weather and even boast their very own hurricane barrier for complete peace of mind. 

Design flexibility 

There are plenty of design options available too, so you can be sure we’ll help you find the ideal window to enhance your home. You can choose inward or outward opening, one, two or three sashes and even patio doors. You can opt for top, bottom or side hung casements, fixed lights or tilt and turn windows which are easy to clean from the inside. 

We offer a wide range of anodised and powder coated finishes for this range and a broad spectrum of colours to appeal to every taste. 

  • System Features – Robustness, modern, aesthetic, high performance. 
  • Thermal Break Solution – Yes    
  • Frame Depth – 45 mm, 56 mm  
  • Maximum Sash Weight – 130 Kg   
  • Glazing Thickness – 5 mm to 40 mm   
  • Dual Colour Option – Yes    
  • Lock – Cremone handle 
  • Lock with Key – Yes    
  • Multipoint Lock – Yes    
  • Hurricane Barrier – Yes    
  • Flyscreen Option – Independent    


Hemera collection of aluminium openable windows and doors cold solution systems provides the maximum performance and they include a wide range of features to provide complete design flexibility. They are optimally designed window and door system recognized for its high acoustic and weather performances, making it the ideal solution for exterior joinery in tropical and hot climates. This system is available in a variety of applications: one, two or more sashes, inward and outward opening, tilt and turn, balcony doors, etc. 

Technical data
U value W/m²K -
Acoustic performance (dB) -
Air tightness (Pa) Window-Class 4 (600 Pa)
Water tightness (Pa) Window-9A (900 Pa)
Wind load (Pa) Window-2800 Pa

All in the details

Why should you choose aluminium for your windows and doors?

Aluminium is regarded as one of the best materials when it comes to durability, aesthetics and security of windows and doors.  Aluminium is also strong but lightweight. This allows slim window frames and larger expanses of glass, creating panoramic view and flooding your home with natural light. Let's look at the importance of choosing aluminium as a material for your windows and doors.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Aluminium Windows and Doors

All you need to do to keep your windows and doors looking their very best is to wash them down a few times a year to get rid of any dirt or dust. That’s all there is to it. They don’t crack or fade in the sun and there’s no scrubbing or painting required – leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your view.