Inspiration of Aluminium Sliding Doors

large sliding door in modern apartment

Get inspired by our projects of aluminium sliding doors for luxury homes

How can you create a more enjoyable home when you live in a big, cramped city? How can you make your apartment feel more spacious and make your garden or outside view feel like an extension of your home?


Aluminium sliding doors. They are designed to create more flexible living spaces and allow you to transform your home with large walls of glass that open up to the great outdoors, providing a boundaryless transition from inside to outside.


In this family apartment, homeowners chose the SC95 and SC140 sliding door from AluK Home for their exceptional performance and the outstanding aesthetic they provide.


The wide expanse of glass framed in sleek, slim aluminium bathes the home in warm natural light and offers an unbounded view of the outdoor cityscape. The product comes with sturdy rollers tested for many cycles of operation and a trusted and proven AluK product worldwide for decades. This versatile sliding window solution comes with lot of choices and customized options and is an ideal lifetime sliding solution. They are very easy to operate and maximise the interior space with minimal effort.


Project Information

  • Building Type: Luxury Residential Apartment
  • Products Applied: AluK Home SC95 & SC140 sliding doors
large sliding door in modern living room Medium sliding door in modern house  large sliding door in modern dining room sliding door in study room in modern house